Humans of Minneapolis

From July 28th through July 31st, I attended the National Scholastic Press Association Summer Workshop at the University of Minnesota. Our first assignment was to create a photo gallery of Humans of Minneapolis. For an hour, my partner and I wandered around the campus to ask questions to random pedestrians. We ended up talking to two gopher students, a transplant nurse, and a high school sophomore from Southwest High School. I was so surprised because most of the people were willing to share their stories with me.

“This shirt is for spirit squad cause I’m on the dance team. Everyone in the spirit squad, in the beginning of the year, when you make [it to] your team: the cheer team, the golden part of experience squad, the dance team, or the hockey cheer, you get a shirt that says ‘I am.’ On the back, it says ‘Minnesota,’ and then at the end of the year, it says, ‘We are (front)’ & Minnesota (back),’ because you start as an individual when you get on the team. And because it’s all these different little teams within the spirit squad, towards the end of the year, you really feel like you’re all one team. You’re not just golden part of experience, dance team, or the hockey cheer. You’re just all spirit squad. It’s ‘We are’ instead of ‘I am.'”
“I slacked off a lot when I was young. I’d say [to my younger self] just be persistent and do whatever you love.”

“I work with all the transplant surgeons. I take care of all the patients pre and post surgery. I came from medical ICU. In the ICU, the patients are integrated, so you don’t really get to talk to them. But now, outpatient stuff, you get to talk to your patients. You get to know about their life. Getting to know your patient is the best thing.”


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